R. Martirosyan: How the army mafia really works.


Peace Dialogue NGO expert Ruben Martirosyan is one of the exceptional experts who was present at more than 500 autopsies. He particularly deals with the cases of soldiers which remain undisclosed to public. How the concealment of the case actually takes place.

Mr. Martirosyan is convinced that all the high ranking officials are usually aware of the details of any murder in the army, however they conceal it with the following mechanism.

““There are no unsolved cases: the investigator finds out who murdered that specific person, why, in what circumstances and when he did that, and only then the investigator start closing the case. When the “master” of that murderer is called upon, that’s when the “trade” begins. All the fingerprints are erased, the murder scene is changed and new fake witnesses are created. Meanwhile, the family members of the deceased soldier are unaware of what happened to their son. ”

The complete article can be found here www.lragir.am

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