Promotion of Human Rights Mechanisms among the Future Conscripts in the Armenian Military Forces


Peace Dialogue launched a new project for the future conscripts in Armenia, who will be soon recruited to serve in the Army. The project is called “Promotion of Human Rights Mechanisms among the Future Conscripts in the Armenian Military Forces” and is aimed at raising awareness of the future conscripts about the mechanisms of the human rights protection in the Military Forces and at equipping them with practical skills and instruments that will help them to stand for their rights during the military service. Furthermore, the project intends to encourage relevant state actors (the local authorities, RA Ministry of Defense, RA Ministry of the Science and Education and RA Human Rights Defender’s Office) to contribute their efforts in promotion and protection of human rights and basic freedoms in the Armenian Military Forces.

In the framework of this one-year-long project, Peace Dialogue is planning, inter alia, to develop a manual on human rights in the military forces for the future conscripts. The publication will be submitted to the RA Human Rights Defender’s Office, to the Ministry of the Science and Education and to the Ministry of Defense for their remarks and comments and for their approval to distribute the manual among the Preliminary Military Training (PMT) teachers in the public schools who work directly and on the daily basis with the pre-conscription age schoolchildren.

Through the web resource (a web portal linking students, parents and school teachers throughout Armenia) the project team will bring the content of the manual to the widest pre-conscription age schoolchildren audience possible. Some of the key elements of the manual will be modified and presented via the online game “I know my rights in the Army” and at the “Encyclopedia” section of

For any questions, please contact Artashes Sergoyan at

usThe project is supported by The Democracy Commission Small Grants program of the Embassy of the United State of America in Armenia. The opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed herein are those of the Author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of State.



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