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Peace Dialogue NGO is implementing a two-year project Safe Soldiers for a Safe Armenia. This initiative aims at preventing human rights violations in the armed forces and to increase not only the security of Armenia but the security of the soldiers protecting it.

As a result of this project the organization aims at raising awareness in the society about the troubling human rights situation in the armed forces in order to create public demand for the solutions of the problems and to mobilize and include local, national and international actors who can have positive influence on current situation.

In addition, one of the components of the project is to raise awareness among the future conscripts about human rights in general and about the soldiers’ rights in the armed forces.

Based on the mentioned expected effects there are many other actions being planned in the frames of this initiative depending on the peculiarities of the target groups, the expectations from the groups, and taking into consideration the spheres of interest for those groups and the methodology for mobilizing them.

In the framework of the project the project implementing team works on the preparation of the website which will include information about the non-combat fatality cases and human rights violation cases in the RA Armed Forces after the signing of the cease-fire.

In another words the main purpose of the website is that after a while it will become (as well as supported by the visitors of the website and the interested parties, since the visitors also can have their contribution in the completion of the website) a database that will include information about the fatality cases in the Armed Forces recorded since 1994 up to now, information about the civilians who died as a result of these incidents, as well as about the cases of human rights violations.

The ultimate effect of the project will be for example the fact that the quick updates about the illegalities recorded in any of the units and posted by the witnesses can serve as an alarm for the authorities to take necessary actions after they are clarified and approved.

In addition, various human rights related announcement and news releases will be available for the visitors of the website and will be regularly updated.

Certain sections include laws, international and local regulations, documents, reports and publications, as well as various research and expert opinions related to the topic.

The instructions on how to access the website are posted in the relevant sections. Project Safe Soldiers for a Safe Armenia is implemented by Peace Dialogue NGO. It is supported by Dutch organization IKV Pax Christi.



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