The Investigative Committee is bothered by an article entitled “How the army mafia works”.


In the first video Peace Dialogue NGO expert Ruben Martirosyan in an interview with described how the concealment of a criminal case is usually carried out.

“There are no unsolved cases: the investigator finds out who murdered that specific person, why, in what circumstances and when he did that, and only then the investigator start closing the case. When the “master” of that murderer is called upon, that’s when the “trade” begins. All the fingerprints are erased, the murder scene is changed and new fake witnesses are created.”…

In the second video R. Martirosyan refers to the so-called “activism” that the Investigative Committee showed after the previous video was released. The investigative Committee was obviously disturbed by the publication: a decision was made to initiate a criminal case. The authors of the publication journalist Tehmine Yenokyan was called upon to give explanation. An attempt was made to “invite” Ruben Martirosyan too, however, if the journalist was sent a notice and invited to the Investigative Committee within the law (although it was not specified for what publication exactly she was supposed to give explanation), the expert simply received a phone and was told to show up. He did not receive any notice.

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